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Adam Radly


S7 was founded by Adam Radly in Los Angeles in 2004. Adam is originally from Melbourne, Australia and splits his time between the United States and Australia. Over the past 20 years, Adam has completed more than 20 acquisitions (as a principal) and successfully established several startups. Adam has raised and invested more than $120 million for companies and ventures where he was the CEO and controlling shareholder.

Prior to establishing S7, Adam was the founder of Mediacom in 1998 (later became ICL, AAV, SCL). The company completed an IPO in 1999, raising $50 million. Adam was the founder, CEO and largest shareholder at the time of the IPO. In 2001 Adam completed a secondary offering through New York investment bank, Jeffreys, to raise approximately $45 million from 21 US institutional investors. As a result, Fidelity Investments and T Rowe Price, among others, became shareholders.

Adam exited the company when it merged with its largest competitor (AAV). A subsequent merger with Staging & Connections resulted combined revenue of more than $180 million.

Following this intense period of entrepreneurial activity Adam become an independent investor and established S7 to fund his own startups as well as pursue strategic acquisitions.

In 2000 Adam was the founder of World Reconciliation Day featuring Nelson Mandela – an event attended by ten of thousands of people where he presented a donation of US$1 million to Nelson Mandela’s non profit.

Adam Radly is also the author of the book “I Imagine”

Adam Radly’s Tedx Talk about passion has more than 1 million views.

Adam is the founder ‘I Imagine‘. More information about Adam Radly.

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