Adam Radly

S7 was founder by Adam Radly. 

Need a little inspiration? Watch Adam’s TEDx Talk about passion below. It has more than 1 million views!

Adam Radly: Bio

Adam Radly is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and inspirational speaker known for his significant contributions in various fields, including digital media, education, and nonprofit work.

His journey is marked by pioneering ventures, impactful social initiatives, and a philosophy centered around maximizing positive impact.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings and IPO

In 1998, Adam founded Mediacom, later renamed Isis Communications, with a vision to create a digital media business.

Under his leadership, the company launched XSIQ, one of the world’s first online education platforms, and acquired Comcopy, a digital broadcasting service provider. In 1999, Isis Communications went public, achieving a market capitalization of A$140 million and raising A$55 million.

Despite the market crash in 2000, the company’s valuation peaked at approximately A$400 million.

World Reconciliation Day

In 2000, Adam orchestrated World Reconciliation Day, featuring Nelson Mandela.

The event included a reconciliation conference, a private function with Mandela, and a concert attended by 20,000 people.

The event was a resounding success, generating significant media exposure and promoting reconciliation on a global stage.

Moving to the United States

In 2000, Adam moved to the United States as his online education business gained traction.

He settled in Los Angeles, attracted by the innovative spirit of California, and spent the next 15 years there.

His time in the US was marked by various business ventures and personal growth.

S7 Group

In 2002, Adam founded the S7 Group, a consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions with a focus on turning around struggling companies.

The company operated primarily in the mid-market range, acquiring and revitalizing businesses.

Radly Center in Mali

Adam’s commitment to philanthropy led him to Mali in 2004, which lead to the establishment of the Radly Center. His initiatives provided solar power and healthcare, significantly reducing child mortality rates in the region.

This project lead to the manifestation of his Maximum Positive Impact (MPI) philosophy, which emphasizes maximizing one’s impact on others to enhance personal fulfillment.

“I Imagine” Film Festival and Book

Between 2013 and 2016, Adam founded the I Imagine Film Festival (IIFF) in New York, aligning it with the United Nations General Assembly to spotlight films addressing global issues.

He also authored “I Imagine,” a book detailing his life philosophy and the principles of MPI.

Return to Australia and TEDx Talk

In 2015, Adam returned to Melbourne, Australia, seeking a more balanced lifestyle. His TEDx talk, which has garnered over a million views, marked a pivotal moment in his life, inspiring him to focus on projects with profound personal and societal impact.


Adam Radly’s multifaceted career reflects his passion for innovation, commitment to social causes, and dedication to living a life of purpose. From pioneering digital education to organizing global events and supporting underprivileged communities, his work continues to inspire and make a significant impact worldwide.

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