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Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Most businesses have an ad hoc web presence.  Their social media content is sporadic and lacking strategy. Their websites are often outdated and missing most of the key trust factors that optimize conversions.

And that’s just the basics!

Most businesses can benefit greatly from building simple web or mobile apps that perform specific functions that their customers need and use this to drive massive awareness and increases in revenue. This is a massive opportunity that most businesses are leaving on the table.  

Advice & Development

Most development teams will just ask you what you want and try to built it. 

We will also give our best advice about design, features, milestones, and growth strategies in order to ensure that your development AND marketing strategies will be integrated and in sync. Most businesses and development teams do not do it this and it’s one of the most common reasons for failure.   

So, what is our advice worth?

Our founder, Adam Radly, has raised $120 million for his own businesses, built multiple startups, completed 16 acquisitions and an IPO for his own company.

We have encountered every challenge you can imagine and that knowledge and expertise is available to you.  

S7 is unique – we help you to develop a plan for achieving a specific goal or solving a specific challenge then we help you to actually execute the plan. 

We work with businesses of all sizes and we have created some affordable packages for small businesses.

Need a little inspiration? Watch the TEDx Talk below from Adam Radly (S7 founder) – it has more than 1 million views.

Strategy Consulting

Strategic planning drives day to day decisions.

Regardless of whether you need to take advantage of an opportunity or solve a major challenge we will work with you to understand the key elements of your unique circumstances and develop multiple custom strategies for your consideration then fully develop the strategies you decide to pursue.  

Financial Modelling

Financial models provide the ability to test different scenarios based on various assumptions.

This is critical for decision making. We will work with you to develop models that incorporate all variables in order to and shed light on the most critical assumptions and scenarios.

We can also go one step further and build a “recommendation engine” that provides suggestions for decision making based on various projected outcomes.

Business Plans

Most business plans are required for raising capital or attracting business partners or key employees.

Sometimes, you need a business plan to make a “projection about the future” so you can make important decisions today.  

Regardless of your objective, we work with you to understand your specific objective and develop a useful and effective business plan that helps you achieve that objective.

We never create generic business plans that cover the “usual stuff” you are told to include a “general” business plan. 

You do need a plan that outlines your current position, your business goals and how “you plan” to achieve them. 

We can help you develop all aspects of your from vision to financial projections. 

Contact us to have a quick chat about your requirements.

If you need capital, keep reading below.

Investor Ready

If the purpose of your business plan is to raise capital, our founder, Adam Radly, has raised $120 million for his own businesses from investors in Australia and the United States, public and private capital. He also completed an IPO for his own company on the ASX.

This experience made it very clear that the businesses that successfully attract capital are those that are “Investor Ready”. 

We know exactly what that means and our knowledge is available to you.

Pitch Deck

After becoming “investor ready” raising money is a “sales pitch”. The better your pitch, the higher your chances of success. 

We can help you create an attention grabbing pitch and pitch deck that builds excitement about the future prospects of your business. This excitement and belief in your vision  is what causes investors to part with their cash and invest in you. 

Introduction To Capital Sources

We have raised capital in Australia, US, Hong Kong and the UK. We have done it for small start ups and public companies.

This part is not very difficult if steps 1-3 above have been executed properly. 

Our Services

We develop the optimal strategy for your business then execute on the entire plan.

Growth Consulting

It all starts with developing a clear understanding of point A and Point B then identifying the steps needed to move to Point B


Taking advantage of opportunities requires fast action and access to additional capital. We can help you get it.

Business Plans

Raising capital and attracting the best people requires a "REAL" business plans - not a useless academic essay.

Web Development

Optimize your web presence, build an app or build automations. We'll develop the ideas AND develop the final product.

Why Choose Us?

$120M Raised

We've raised more than $120M for our own businesses so we know what it's like to be you.

Custom Everything

We develop custom solutions for your unique requirements. Nothing generic.


We understand how the world is changing and how it impacts your requirements.


We can develop innovative and effective solutions to address any major challenge. Try us!

Client Testimonials

"We approached S7 Group with the challenge of enhancing our cybersecurity recruitment capabilities, and the results have been transformative. Adam and his team not only developed a sophisticated platform that streamlined our processes and improved candidate matching, but they also provided invaluable growth consulting that aligned perfectly with our strategic goals. We couldn't have asked for a better partner in our journey towards becoming industry leaders."
Grad Kickstart
"When we reached out to S7 Group, we were looking for a partner who could not only help us articulate our business strategy but also enhance our digital footprint. Adam and his team exceeded our expectations in every category. They crafted a business plan that was not only insightful and comprehensive but also actionable. Their advice on web development transformed our online presence, making it more user-friendly and significantly boosting our traffic. The growth consulting services provided by S7 have been instrumental in scaling our operations and enhancing our market reach. We're impressed with their strategic acumen and personalized approach."
Scale & Swing
"Partnering with S7 Group was a pivotal decision for our firm. Adam and his team delivered a comprehensive business plan that not only refined our vision but positioned us strongly for future growth. The growth consulting provided by S7 was instrumental in shaping our strategic direction and optimizing our operational efficiencies. S7 Group truly exceeded our expectations at every turn."
Melbourne Accounting Partners

Watch this TEDx Talk about passion by our founder, Adam Radly. It has more than 1 million views.

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