Bob Bates

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Bob Bates is a CPA, CVA, CFE with over 25 years of accounting experience as a Controller and CFO in various types of businesses up to $10 billion in size.

Director/Officer experience:

Inova Technology 2006 to 2013 (public OTC)-CFO

Catalyst Holdings Group 2009-2012 (public US) CFO, Director

Imerjn Inc. 2013-2015 (public OTC)-CFO

Orion Financial Group 2012-2015 (public US)-CFO, Director

Velocity Data from July 2014-present (public Canada-CSE) CFO, Director

RM Tracking Canada Ltd. 2016-2017 (public Canada-CSE) CFO, Director

He has done 5 IPO’s/DPO’s and reverse mergers, and has raised over $25 million in debt and equity financing.

He has worked in telecom, media, retail and financial services in addition to having consulting experience at startups in the software, technology and life sciences fields. He has run his own businesses, a publishing entity and a public accounting firm, in addition to working at KPMG. Bob was in pre-IPO companies and CFO in a growing public company, responsible for SEC filings. He was on the founding team of a Fintech company and a Retail App startup.

He has done many acquisitions, performed SOX work, has done dozens of valuations, stock options accounting and forensic work (discovered a $300,000 embezzlement).

Bob has written articles for CPA Magazine and Fraud magazine.

He has been involved in depositions/interrogatories and testifying with multiple court cases as an expert witness.


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